About My Design Studio and Architecture is the collective term for a group of architectural disciplines and traditions, the outcome of which are buildings and other permanent structures. We represent a lot of different ideas here on this blog. Architectural projects, in the conventional material form such as buildings, can be perceived as artistic works and as visual symbols. The history of architecture traces its origins to the Phoenicians of southern Africa who constructed houses from mud and rocks, with no mortar.

One thing we focus on here, in contrast to the Phoenician architecture, is that the Italian architectural tradition emphasizes a simpler and more logical approach to construction. That’s because our bloggers are mostly Italian and The influence of the Italian school on Western architecture can be seen in the examples such as the Vitruvian Man statue found in any modern day city. Vitruvian architecture has been called “the minimalism” of architecture because it focused on the function of the structure, rather than on any kind of detailing. An architecture school that wishes to succeed will need to incorporate both elements, especially when it comes to design.

A student interested in becoming an architect must take a number of educational classes to prepare them for their careers. Most schools require prospective students to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree before they are eligible for any internship or fieldwork assignments. After completion of the architecture major, students should pursue graduate studies in either the field of civil engineering or architecture. Students that wish to specialize in a certain field of architecture should complete the related coursework for that specific field.

The architect’s skills and credentials will be tested during the structural design and construction of a building. These design processes require the use of computers and computer design programs. In the field of building design, an architect must be able to analyze any type of set up, including the location of doors, windows, walls, lighting, ventilation, and mechanical systems. He or she must also be able to create floor plans and understand the functionality of windows and doors. Architects must also be familiar with the materials used in a building, such as steel and wood.

The science of building design is one of the most diverse fields out there. It includes a variety of fields including computer science, environmental science, mathematics, and physical sciences. It requires the creation of an infrastructure that can accommodate a structure, sometimes including a structure or a series of buildings. The architect must know how to analyze a variety of materials and how to visualize the final design of a building.

Becoming an architectural professional can prove to be a fascinating and rewarding career. While the field does have some similarities to other fields, there are also many differences. An architect’s design must meet both safety and aesthetic requirements, as well as being able to withstand future damage from weather or adverse conditions. Once the right candidate has been found, he or she will reap the rewards of a lucrative and challenging career.

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