If you’re planning on launching an architecture website, then it’s important that you understand how to build an architecture contact page. (like this one). We try to be the best example we possibly can – and not just put up “contact us” with an email or whatever. We try to teach all aspiring architects to be professional and how to be professional. The architecture contact page is your portal to communicate with clients and potential clients. If done well, the architecture contact page will be a one-page showcase for your entire portfolio, where clients can get a quick overview of what you’ve got to offer. As the person who prepared the site, it’s important that you get it just right.

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when preparing this page. The most important thing to remember is that you’re going to have to limit the content to a minimum. You want to limit it to one sentence, explaining your role in the company. You then need to follow this up with a couple sentences about yourself, explaining why you’re interested in working in this field and how long you’ve been involved in this field. Finally, you should end your page with a brief paragraph describing your portfolio.

One thing that can be very effective at showing off your skills is a short video, which demonstrates exactly what you’re capable of. If you’re not sure about how to make a video, then you can hire a professional to do this for you (or you could simply record yourself doing something impressive). Most people enjoy watching videos of themselves, because they relate to their lives better. If you’re an architectural firm, then you might want to consider posting one of these videos on your architecture contact page. It’s important that you make the video stand out and convey your professionalism, even if you’re using a normal photograph or an image you took yourself.

Another great idea is to put your portfolio section on your home page. People who visit your home or shop will get a quick preview of who you are, and what you’re capable of. If you’ve worked for an architectural firm before, then this is an excellent place to showcase the work you’ve done. You’ll want to make sure that the photos are of high quality, since potential clients may decide to visit your company if you can provide them with such high-quality images. A few pieces from your portfolio might be all you need to turn some people on to hiring you, so be creative.

Lastly, you should include information about you as an individual in your architecture contact page. Use this section to share a little about yourself, perhaps about your background and personality. If you’re self-employed, then talk about how this business has affected your life, specifically how it’s helped you grow financially. You can also talk about any awards or recognitions you’ve won, and how these achievements have shaped who you are as an individual. Above all, share something about yourself that will show others you’re easy to work with, and that you’re open to helping them out.

As you can see, it’s easy to create a page that will help you attract new business. You just need to follow the tips that were mentioned above. If you’re not sure about how your page looks, then be sure to contact a professional designer or someone who is knowledgeable in architecture before you go live. A great designer will be able to give you some great ideas that you can incorporate into your page.